Refund Policy

Our organization continuously strives to offer best possible services to all our clients and ensure their satisfaction. This refund policy has therefore been specifically devised with our client's interests at the forefront. Clients are entitled to file a refund request when final service deliverables do not match promise(s) made by us at the time of purchase. Please note that you are deemed in complete agreement of our policies and terms of use once an enquire/ order is made and our services are availed. Kindly also note that it would not be feasible to make any changes to the mutually agreed delivery date post placing a confirmed order.

Circumstances for 50% Refund

Clients MUST be able to provide a valid proof indicating failure to attain minimum established quality criteria. Only after thorough review of documents such as graded feedbacks, would WritoSpark be able to initiate refund.

A detailed analysis of the refund claim submitted by the client would be conducted by our quality and refund processing teams respectively. During this process, our team would request for and comprehensively go through the solution submitted by the client as well as the feedback received on the same. This analytical process will help us in determining validity of the submitted refund claim. In cases where the submitted refund claim is deemed invalid, WritoSpark will not be able to issue ANY REFUND.

Circumstances for 100% Refund

In cases where WritoSpark fails to deliver a solution to clients, complete amount paid towards the project would be adjusted in the client's next project with similar complexity levels. Alternately, based in management's discretion, a FULL REFUND might be issued.

NO REFUND clauses

Following clauses pertain to cases where clients will NOT be eligible to receive ANY REFUND

• Where a deadline of 72 hours or less has been provided post payment for project completion

• Where a timeline of 60 days or more has elapsed following final project delivery

• Where final project submission is delayed from the client's end (Please note that based on management's discretion, WritoSpark might allow adjustment of paid amount against the client's alternate projects with similar complexity levels)

• Where a late penalty might be applicable as the university provided deadline was crossed

• Where clients fail to provide sufficient information for a project and quality of the project negatively suffers as a result. Additionally, in

• Where clients remain unavailable or are incapable of responding to queries raised by experts

• Where project deliver delays are a resultant of clients not responding to queries AND/ OR not providing sufficient task related information

• Although our team gladly processes revision requests in case clients submit justified requests or experts associated with WritoSpark are at fault, NO Refund can be processed if task information provided by clients is either insufficient or incorrect

• Where clients fail to violate or not adhere to WritoSpark's revision policies in any way

• Amount paid towards consultation for succeeding in real-time projects is NON refundable

Other Terms and Conditions of Importance

WritoSpark advises all its clients to carefully go over the following terms and conditions. Once an order is successfully placed, clients would automatically be deemed in agreement with the following:

Disclaimer: Delivery deadline of projects completed by WritoSpark depends on various parameters including (but not limited to) project comprehensiveness, complexity and level of expertise required. Please note that solutions facilitated by our team are solely for guidance purposes only and students are advised against using the solutions in exact form as provided by us.