Revision Policy

1. As soon as a revision request is obtained, it undergoes detailed evaluation by members of our internal quality team. Quality of the content as well as revision requests are compared against initial instructions provided while order booking. Only after ensuring that the revision request is completely justified, is a free revision offered. All our clients are requested to extend their complete cooperation in this regard.

2. We would not be able to fulfil revision requests in cases of urgent orders or in orders with limited revision window. Our quality team thoroughly evaluates every revision request and then establishes a revision deadline. This is accordingly communicated to our clients. While we try to ensure that client expectations pertaining to revision deadlines are met, WritoSpark reserves the authority to decide final revision deadlines.

3. In cases of non-urgent orders as well, WritoSpark requires a minimum of 48 hours to evaluate requests and present an appropriate response to our clients.

4. Whenever we receive a revision request, we ensure that it is evaluated against actual qualitative parameters of the project in addition to initial requirements provided at the time of order booking. Our Evaluation is accordingly communicated to clients.

5. In cases where our quality team, upon cross verification with initially submitted requirements, determines requirements of revision to be "additional", extra charges would be applicable in accordance with feasibility check.

6. We always attempt to ensure that all services are rendered within deadlines that are mutually agreed upon during the process of booking. WritoSpark would not be liable to accept and cater to unilaterally set revision deadlines in case the original work has been delivered by WritoSpark within the mutually greed deadline and a revision request is submitted by the client before the lapse of original deadline.

7. Clients would be required to assume complete responsibility of qualitative outcome of projects where we were requested to incorporate revision requests despite such requests being evaluated and deemed unnecessary and (or) unjustified by our quality team.

8. Clients would be required to assume complete responsibility of projects where changes to deliverables provided by us were incorporated from their end.